1. When my wife’s pregnant hormones are getting the best of her.


    She’s like:

    Feelings gif


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Nina, 2/17/2013
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    Nina, 2/17/2013

  3. You’re no Tom Ford character. That’s for sure. You’re more of a Judd Apatow masterpiece

    Marcia’s text to me

    (it’s ok. it just means i’m funny, flawed, and very lovable)

    Dearest BK, This is still super true. You’re still the funniest, flawed and most loveable person in the world. 

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  4. Snow Covers Egypt for First Time in 100 Years

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  5. Surprise Beyonce album just got released


    About half an hour ago, Beyoncé surprised the world (the internet, really) by releasing her 5th album on iTunes. There are 14 songs and videos for every song. Just two days ago, Rolling Stone reported on Columbia Records Chairman Rob Stringer saying, “At some point, Beyoncé will put a record…

    Beyoncé beat the internet.

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Lauryn Hill photographed by B+
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  7. HOW TO: Survive Your Office Holiday Party


    Your office is a landmine of awkward situations. There are unusually brief quarterly reviews (what does that mean?), uncomfortable bathroom encounters (remember when you heard the HR girl sobbing in a locked stall?), and those special conversations with your company president in which you have…

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Nelson Mandela


    Nelson Mandela

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